How To Build a Web Page?

There are mainly two ways to build a web page. One can either make the pages offline and upload them later via FTP, or create the web pages online using a Telnet program.

What ever way you choose to build a web page, there are some fundamentals that one has to keep in mind to achieve the objectives. So, how to build a web page? Well, go over quickly the following points beforehand which will help you get started.

There are basically three ways to build a web page:

1. Use a web site template:
A web site design template is a pre-made template which can be customized according to your needs and the company’s branding. These templates are found in a range of formats like Photoshop and HTML and are compatible with common HTML editors like FrontPage, and Dreamweaver. Using these templates can be very useful as they can give a ‘jump-start’ in the creation of a website and for quick solutions.

2. Use an HTML editor
In order to build a web page, one can also use HTML editors, like front page or dream weaver. And they are pretty easy softwares to use.

3. Code the HTML in a text editor
Quite often, web developers like to type in the HTML code themselves on a note pad or word pad. Using this approach to build a web page is useful as it makes one more familiar with the html codes and gives him better control on the web page.

You can add color to the web pages by adding suitable graphics but remember that to not to go overboard with them. To make the web page rally special and unique, create your own illustrations, click photographs and make drawings.

Now that you know how to build a web page, you can go right ahead and test your skills.


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