Competitor Analysis and Website breakdown.

Review of a Houston SEO website customer as compared to a similar Houston website customer

When comparing the Seven Met Suites website to the Smart Space Miami website we find some notable comparisions

1)Total Amount of Pages Google is Indexing - using Google Operations Command “Site:” and then the website.

For a website .com we have 133 pages that are being indexed but, a lot of the pages are unlabeled, many others are not structured well or organized/coded for search and others are producing 404 errors(SEE Below)

The 133 pages being indexed are a little miss representing because of the many unlabeled pages. This could be the result of several different factors including, untitled blogs, unlabeled landing pages, redirection of existing pages, etc. Either way labeling helps Goolge understand better what the page is about. Nevertheless, other pages such as the thesub prage for a website for seo are good ideas if the they are also “Category/Topic” specific yet in this case it is a blank page.

SUGGESTIONS – A better approach would be to build off the already existing “sub category” page another website for SEO which has to do with virtual offices in Miami and build authority to that page. Also, take the category page “Virtual Offices” and have it link to the sub category page “Virtual offices in Miami”

2) Backlink profile needs to be Diversified and not a lot of pages are getting authority– There is an accelerated link velocity with a equally fast loss of backlinks to the entire profile. Have communications falling off, coming back on and then again gaining at the same rate sends some mixed signals to search engines. If can even tell then that a lot of the communications may have come from temporary solutions in order to manipulate the search engines.(SEE Attachment for BackLink Profile)

As a result of these inconsistencies we can see the effects it takes on overall traffic from SEMrush reports. These reports are key to understanding what your traffic is doing for your Houston website and how to better improve the conversions and ROI of your Marketing Dollars.

3) As for the information about the Virtual office comparison they have 143 pages being indexed but, their urls are more concise and have lots of content/coding to assist Google in understanding what they are and what they provide. Therefore having a URL structr that is going to be beneficial to SEO is paramount

4)Smart Space Backlink Profile As for the Smart Space backlink profile it is much more diversified and has several different referring sources to bring it authority.

To coincide with this effort it allows their internet traffic and rankings to remain consistent. These are all valuable points when you’re trying to rank a website in Houston. I for your looking for SEO in Houston you should visit that previous link to get more information


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