How To Design a Website?

How to design a website? One can truly become a better designer if they follow the right procedures and cover every step in detail. There are some important concepts to understand when you design a website so as to make it effective and sole its purpose.

There are many designer out there who could design some great looking sites, but simply can’t as they lack the application knowledge or the artistic talent and they give up. But it really doesn’t have to end like that. If you’re an aspiring designer, keen to learn how to design a website, then just follow the important principles outlined here.

Do not clutter and focus on usability
The visitor to a website will remember your website if its user friendly and easy to navigate. Things should be easy to read and easy to understand when you design a web site. This is where your designing skills will come into play. Too much content or focusing only on graphics will not work. You have to find the right balance.

Do's and dont's of text
The style of the font, its size and line height are very important for the site. Never go below 11px although e 14px seems perfect for a paragraph’s text. Similarly, the line-height, which is the spacing between each line of text in your paragraphs, should be right so as to make reading easier for people.

Colors and contrast
To design a web site, the color theme of the site is one has to start with. Using too may colors will not work in favor of the site. Use 2 primary colors and go for a third “secondary” color, which should be used sparingly across the web site. Remember that a simpler color theme is attractive and easy on the eyes. The color theme should also relate to the subject of the site.

Design website around its purpose
To really make a striking and effective site, one really needs to understand completely the objective of the site. Whether the site is just informative or selling products, the design should serve its purpose effectively.

Explore & study
Don’t just open Photoshop and start designing. There are many good web design examples on the web. Browse and study them first. You can take ideas but it’s a bad example to copy. Beginners can try to recreate some existing good designs. This will help them to pick up good designing skills with time.

When you design a website, keep the above points in your mind.


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