Steve Wozniak - Disappointed with the New iPad Air's?

While most are expressing superb excitement with Apple's unveiling of the latest iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, some people are also anxious to give out their critics and comments about these products. Although everyone is entitled with their own opinion, there just people who wants to share the limelight with the most awaited products - people like Steve Wozniak.

The renowned Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is continuously showing to the public his long and arrogant traditional bashing against his former company. On a report done by Macworld, Wozniak released a statement on the Apps World conference that he was not interested with the new iPad Air since it does not have enough storage capacity that would meet his individual consumption. He also added that all he wanted for an iPad is something that can store every episode of the popular sitcom he once starred on - the Big Bang Theory.

Although Wozniak expressed that the device became smaller in comparison to all the other iPads released, he then withdrew it with an outstanding statement that he does not want a slimmer version only of the device; instead, he conveyed that what he really wanted for iPad is to have more storage capacity. He shared that since he doesn't have a broadband at home and can't get great broadband connection on hotels, he needed to carry all his personal media in an iPad. He was wholeheartedly hoping that Apple would release an iPad with a 256GB memory capacity but was greatly disappointed after the unveiling, which led him in calling his wife telling her that he's not interested with the gadget at all.

Each and every person has, of course, something to say for each gadget that would be introduced to the public. Although Steve Wozniak's comments were healthy and this does not mean that he got a hold of the products future, Apple must withstand to any other criticism for it is through this that their products will become better and more likely cater to the needs and demands of hard-to-please individuals.

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