Dreamweaver For Web Design

Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the best web design tools available today. For a professional web designer looking for speedy applications to design web sites, Dreamweaver tool is the best bet. This tool not only creates HTML code, it also has some cool add-ons like css styles, server side includes, templates and much more. Hence one need not be an expert HTML programmer to make a web site. They can use Dream weaver.

About a decade ago, there were serious attempts to attract developers to Dreamweaver. The issue of complex codes was addressed to by including tools which would clean up inefficiencies by generating a code automatically. The code environment was also improved by introducing refined features like line-numbering, color-coding and code-hints. Efforts were made to add other features to supplement the visual development environment.

Another significant aspect that has helped to mark out Dreamweaver web design is the generation of dynamic server side content with the use of standard scripting languages such as ASP and ColdFusion, ASP.Net and PHP. Today new technologies have emerged and the creators of Adobe Dreamweaver have further improved the way the program generates code.

The latest release of the program, Dreamweaver CS3 will help the user build websites by using cascading style sheets. This web design tool offers a series of thirty or so different CSS page layouts to build proficient web pages which can be adapted and customised at will. It’s no wonder that popularity of Dreamweaver for web design is on the rise.

Dreamweaver CS3, the newest version of the program, also slots in some great new features for introducing Ajax functionality to web pages. Today developers can make complex Ajax applications without having to write the code themselves. All these features make Dreamweaver tool the obvious choice for web developers of all types.


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