The Flash Web Designs

Today, flash is a very popular and important tool, used in most websites. Clients use flash web designs to view animations and other multimedia. With more and more online marketers trying to get a more unique touch to their websites, its no surprise to see flash web designs getting popular.

In a bid to create quality and attractive websites, use of visuals, animations and multimedia is on the rise as they are more appealing to visitors. One of the well utilized visual effects is flash. Flash web design adds to the magnetism of a website and leaves an impression the visitor’s mind, if done tastefully. It also adds color and life to an otherwise dull site with only plain text in black and white. In general, flash throws in a uniqueness of a site giving it that exclusive touch, thus setting it apart from the rest.

However, certain cautions must be kept in mind when using flash technology. Flash can increase the size of the web page considerably, thus adding to its loading times. This can lead to a decrease in traffic as clients have no patience to wait for the page to load. It is thus important to see that when you use flash, the page should not take long to load. One has to strike a balance between having an attractive flash web design and the right site speeds. Avoid keeping the first page in 100% flash.

Another factor which adds to the downside of flash technology is search engine optimization. As creative flash web designs are usually visual, search engines may fail to take it into consideration, while looking for keywords. To nullify this effect, one can embed a keyword, or keyword phrase next to the flash content in the html code.

To take out maximum advantage from flash web designs, one should go for hybridization, using flash along with HTML coding. It is suggested to use flash on the third page and at most on half of the page. Use it create a visual image of what the page is about, emphasizing on the theme of the page. This helps create a balance between attractiveness and traffic in flash web design.


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