Never be Bored Again!

Boredom Solved aims to do just that; Solve your Boredom and Never be Bored Again! This is a world first and has never been attempted to such a degree before.

This is done by presenting you with a list of activities for any given situation. It works by either typing in any related words to something you’re interested in or by selecting a topic from the list of activities. You are also given the option of searching by location using GPS to rank the nearest activity in order of how far away to you it may be.

After hitting search, you’ll be presented with a never ending list of activities for you to try out right now! Depending on what you have selected, the list can be anything from board games to sky diving, to learning a new language. Once you’ve found you’re first activity to try out, click on it and you’ll be given a brief description of what to expect from the activity, social media sharing options, suggested activities, map (with optional directions) comments, available vouchers and ratings.

If you have an idea for something to do, share it with us for the world to see and try for themselves! Whether it is a new recipe, TV show, bike route or anything else for that matter; all sensible ideas are welcomed to be share when you click on the ‘Got an Idea?’ icon near the top of the website. Alternatively, you can view other users’ submissions by clicking the ‘Ideas’ icon also located towards the top of the website.

For anyone who owns a business which could possibly end someone’s boredom by giving them something to do e.g. golf, a new restaurant, gallery etc. you can manually add yourself into Boredom Solved for the world to see you. This is done by clicking the ‘Add your Business’ icon near the top of the page. You’ll be presented with two options. Either pay to be presented on the main page to immediately be seen by all users or go with the free option which simply adds yourself into Boredom Solved without any extra advertisement.


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