Identifying The Purpose Behind The Web design

To start with, one should know the purpose of web design and why one is making it in first place? There are a number of points one has to consider before they actually start making their site. Be very clear on the purpose of web design and the web site, right form the start.

Ask yourself some questions like -are you making this site for business or to share information? Is the purpose of web design just to keep in touch with your family and friends? All these answers will influence the style, the technologies required, hosting costs and budget required to make web design and site.

If the purpose of web design is to make money If a site is built for business purpose, the website will need things like a means for the visitor to pay for the items or a shopping cart. In that case the complexity of the site can go up and you will have to buy additional security features to protect your customers and their personal information. The website needs to leave a professional impression on your customers.

If the purpose of web design is to share information A website made with the idea to share just information will be quite different from the one that sell something. There is one thing one may have to consider and that is if they want their visitors to leave comments or express their views. This would require additional features and database to support the site.

If the purpose of web design is to keep in touch with family and friends Websites built for family and friends are much less formal and more on the fun side. But you would also have to think if you want to allow your family and friends to add content to the website automatically. Again, this would require additional features.

Once the purpose of web design and website is established, the next step would be to target the right audience.


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