The Changes in Search Engine Optimization and helpful tips

Over the years we have seen a lot of changes happening in internet marketing especially the way search engines display results. Years ago it was very easy to get a piece of software and blast directories or create profiles in a site then add an anchor text with your money keyword and point it to your website. Nevertheless, Google didn’t feel like this was giving their end users a good user experience so they created filters in order to look for activity like that. Therefore if they find any sites using that technique they consider it to be a manipulation and will filter that page all together. Yeah, it’s a bummer because, that was a super easy method and pretty much the site with the most links won but, at the end of the day there is no true value involved. Being an Agency that Provides SEO services we understand that creation of content and the distribution thereof is always the best route.

Having Great Content Search Engines can Use

The preferred way of allow Google to organize your data these days is to give them exactly what they want according to Google Guidelines for Search Engine optimization. You can find out more information about that by simply typing “Google SEO Guidelines” into the search engine. All the things involved in good content include using title tags, Meta tags, header tags and Alt tags. If you a local business servicing many different geographical areas you’ll also want to use your geo tags. These simple coding factors allows search engine to easily decipher what your page is all about. Therefore each of your pages that you are trying to optimize should be Topic or Category specific. If you have to into greater detail about the subject make sure you are using another page that is granular enough to explain the “sub-topic” specifically. After you have you page coded for a “Topic” specific grouping all you have left is to get your page to be an authority.

Building Authority to Topic specific landing pages

Very well one of the most important thing to do so search engines can make you a valuable result to it’s end users is having an audience that enjoys what you are providing them. In this case, your page will be referenced whenever someone needs additional information about that topic. For example, If we are talking about “SEO” and specifically about SEO companies in New York it would be a good idea to reference an authority for that subject by linking to a website that has content matter about New York SEO company Here again lies a determining factor to validate that your content is relevant and by referencing other websites when you’re trying to expand about a specific topic it helps search engines determine exactly what your talking about or what your subject is about.

Trust Signals to help Search Engines Validate you’re a Good source for their end users Finally, search engines need additional assurance you will be valuable to their end users so, after your code is perfectly organized to be filed properly and your being referenced by other sites as an authority on your subject all that is left is the remaining signals that confirm website. Things like Domain Age, How long is the domain registered for, is the content being shared on Social Sites, do people like and comment on the content? These are the remaining signals Google will look at to determine if you are a good fit to be a top result. As you can see search engines are sort of like basket cases. They double, triple and quadruple check to confirm your site can be trusted. This is why it is so important that you have a checklist to refer to. Validating that you are hitting every trust signal with in your content an your website you are on your way to having visibility through the search engines.



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