Top 7 SEO Tips For 2013

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing the WebPages in such a way that it gets organic, free and unpaid web traffic from search engines. It is a continuous process that consists of small adjustments or modification to your webpages. In today’s world of competition, it is important to do a smart SEO, so that to stand out of your competitors. So, in this article, it is discussed about SEO tips for 2013 which would help you to rank higher in search engine result pages.

SEO tips 2013:

  • Include keyword in the domain name: You must ensure that you include the keyword in the domain name as it makes it easier for both the search engines and visitors to find and remember respectively. For instance, http://www.domainname.com/top10 seotipsfor2013. Now in this example, SEO tips for 2013 are the keywords which make it easier for the search engine to understand what it is about and readers to remember it.
  • Keywords after the URL: Remember to always change the post or after permalink. If the keyword is not there in the URL, Word Press and blogger then add title as the permalink by default. In case, if you don’t see the title of your post in URL of your page, then you have to change permalinks option. For example, www.domainname.com/basicseotips/ is much better than www.domainname.com/post-79.
  • Keywords in Meta descriptions, title tag and in content or body: It is essential to make use of at least one keyword in Meta description, Title tag and headings. Besides this, make sure that you don’t overstuff your keywords in your content; instead you can use the keywords in sub-headings of the content. Overstuffing of keywords in the content is considered as a black hat technique.
  • Optimizing images: Adding alt tags and title in your images and optimize its size is necessary so as to reduce the server load. If you are working on WordPress you can make use of the plug-in Smush.it so as to automate this work or task. Reducing the size of the image, without affecting its quality is known as lossless optimization & hence fastens the loading speed of your website. It is important to do this task, as Google has incorporated or consider the speed of site in its algorithms.
  • Inter- linking: Inter link your related posts. Ensure that your link consists of the keywords but at the same time, ensure that you do not link exactly the same keywords for more than two times. On the other hand, if you are making outbound links (creating links on other sites) then ensure that the website you are linking to is a high quality site and is not a spam site.
  • Optimize your blog/website: It has been proved that decreasing the loading time of your website affects the amount of visitors on your site directly. The effective practice is to reduce the Meta tags and unnecessary scripts from the web pages. You can make use of Google Page Speed tool to monitor or check the speed of your website and it also suggests you what necessary step or action should one take so as to optimize the website.
  • Quality content: Provide high quality content to your visitors, engage with them and decrease the bounce rate of website. Don’t even try to copy the content of others because Google penalizes those websites having duplicate content. Write the original and fresh content, which can be easily understood by the readers. In a nutshell, you should write the content for readers not for search engines.
  • Summary: There are lots of SEO tips, but the top seven tips are stated above. These SEO tips if implemented carefully would help you to achieve higher rankings in search engines and large amount of visitors.


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