The Website Audience Analysis

Are you clear on website audience? Do you really understand them and their needs? As with any other communications medium, your website will need to have a good understanding about those with whom it wishes to speak to.

Who is going to be my web site audience? Well go through the following website audience analysis:

If you are targeting business people
In this case, your website needs to have clear specifications on the product along with its features and benefits. Your visitors should also be informed on its cost and availability.

If you are targeting skills of your audience
The next important step in website audience analysis is to understand their skills on the use of internet. Are they internet savvy? Or they are going to be someone who is still new to computer and have no computer experience. For instance of you are targeting senior citizens, most of them may not be comfortable using web. Basically, your audience should be able to surf the internet, upload and download the files, send emails, save data etc;. So you see how important it is to understand your website audience.

If you are targeting audience with visual or motor skills problems
If your visitors in your target web site audience are having visual or motor skill problems, then your site has to be designed in a specific way? You should know if they would be using special apparatus or technology to navigate and view the site.

Now visualize what kind of technologies your website audience will have. Computer equipment, operating system, latest updates for various softwares, types of internet connections as well as the browser - version will go a long way in impacting your site. Will your target audience have the newest computer technology or they are still using the old technology?

If you're making a site, then website audience analysis is a must before you move on.


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